Texsteam Multipoint Injection Controller

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Texsteam Multipoint Injection Controller

Reduce capital spend and equipment required for chemical injections by using Texsteam’s new Multipoint Injection Controller.

The Multipoint Injection Controller offers increased flexibility by distributing different flow rates to various endpoints with one pump head and one injection controller.  With the Multipoint, you can now inject four wellheads with just one pump.


  • Up to 4 injection points
  • 2500 psi max working pressure
  • Individual point flowrate range is 0.09 quarts/day - 266 quarts/day, depending on pump head and iCIP motor configuration
  • Standard Buna/Teflon valve seals.  Other materials may be used as required
  • ¼” NPT pipe connections
  • 10W power consumption
  • Class I and II Groups C, D, E, F & G, Division 1 and 2 Valves
  • Used with the Class 1, Division 2 iCIPsolar package and iCIP A/C package