Andco 7000 Series Actuator

Dresser Andco 7000 Series Actuator
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Dresser Andco 7000 Series Actuator

The Andco 7000 Series linear actuator is a completely self-contained, electromechanical device. Designed and fabricated for dependable, long-life operation, these actuators are used for positioning, automation of material handling, or flow control equipment.

7000 Series actuators are driven by a high starting torque, low inertia motor connected to a drive screw through a set of gears. When the motor rotates the drive screw, the mating nut and attached extension rod move axially.

Upon completion of stroke, the gear driven position limit switch interrupts power to the motor. If movement of the extension rod is prevented in either direction at any point in actuator travel due to an external mechanical overload, a thrust switch will interrupt power to the motor.


  • Acme or Ball Screw Design
  • Stroke Lenghs: 6” – 60”
  • Velocity:  0.2 IPS – 12.0 IPS
  • 900 lbs to 42,000 lbs of Force
  • Single & Three Phase Motors
  • Optional Motor Brake
  • Integral Limit Switchs Standard for On/Off or Mid-Positioning
  • Position Indicating Options
  • Optional 4-20 mA Integral Electric Actuator Smart Controller for Modulating Service
  • Modbus® & DeviceNet™ Options
  • Optional Integral Motor Control
  • Optional Manual Over-Ride
  • Clevis, Face Flange & Trunnion Mounting Options
  • Optional Rod Cover