Series 5000 Texsteam Pump

Dresser Series 5000 Texsteam Pump

Texsteam Series 5000 chemical injection pumps are positive displacement units powered by an integral gas/air motor. These pumps fill the requirements of a broad range of applications because of their ability to achieve high discharge pressures (up to 12,000 psig) and wide volume ranges. A horizontal plunger and vertical check valve arrangement provide high operating efficiency. The standard pump head has a Ductile Iron body and stainless steel trim. Stainless steel heads are available for high corrosive applications. A built-in priming valve facilitates pump head priming, enables the operator to easily check pump operation, and offers a sample-catching device. The pump frame and body castings are high-strength aluminum. The operating mechanism strokes in oil and is gasket sealed to protect against dust and other atmospheric influences. Oil-less models are also avilable. A standard equipment safety valve offers protection against accidental overpressure of the main diaphragm. The adjustable packing is equipped with lantern ring and a grease jack (except on 11 /4 ” head) for lubricating the plunger and packing to provide long life


  • Introducing detergents in air-gas drilling operations
  • Blending foaming agents in water laden gas wells
  • High pressure addition of fluid compounds in blending and chemical processing
  • Introduction of de-salting agents, de-emulsifiers, inhibitors and flocculants in crude oil and gas steams
  • High and low pressure lubrication systems
  • Methanol and alcohol injection in gas systems to prevent freezing
  • General high pressure injection applications
  • Fluid blending of extreme pressures within varied, controlled processes
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Glycol circulation
  • Water treatment