Series 1200 Texsteam Pump

Dresser Series 1200 Texsteam Pump

Dresser Texsteam Series 1200 Beam Driven Chemical Injection Pump

Designed specifically for operation on a beam pumped oil well, the Texsteam Series 1200 Chemical Injection pumps are positive displacement type pumps powered by direct connection to the movement of a walking beam, rod line or rocker arm. The connection is made by a length of nominal pipe, or a wire line. The unit pumps on the upstroke of the beam action. On the downstroke, the injector arm returns to its set position. The ratchet mechanism is housed in a precision-bored, heavy cast gray iron case and is submerged in oil for long life.

The pump head design is efficient because of the horizontal plunger and vertical check valves; virtually trouble-free; easy to maintain; has stainless steel trim in standard heads; and a built-in to aid in priming, check pump action and catch chemical samples and external packing gland.

The box assembly is heavy cast gray iron for maximum rigidity and has a galvanized lid and rigid galvanized lever arm. The pump head can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. An additional pump head can be installed if more volume is required or if there is a need to pump dissimilar fluids.

A wide choice of model and plunger sizes is available. The Series 1200 can be supplied with or without unitized chemical tanks or with two mounted tanks or with tanks of various capacity and materials to suit the operating requirements.