Style 220 Questionnaire

*** Please note this form is geared for ASME B31.4/B31.8 ***

Application Questions
(i.e. type of service)
Outside diameter of pipe. Indicate inches or mm.
Material/Grade/Specification of carrier pipe. Examples: API 5L, ASTM 53, ASTM 106, etc.
Pipeline operating pressure (maximum) or Required Pressure Rating. Indicate Kpa or Mpa.
Thickness of pipe wall. Example: .375, .500, etc. Indicate inches or mm.
(For Natural Gas application - Class 1, 2, 3, or 4. For Oil application - Class 1.)
Length required by customer to encompass standard or long body couplings or any other type of fitting. Standard 38 (21-3/4" long) Style 40 - 16" MR (30-3/4" long) Style 40 - 24" MR (38-3/4" long)
(Not normally supplied. Special requests will need to be reviewed.)
Gas - Standard marking meets DOT 192 JF 80%, or specify other standard - 100% JF, or if no marking is required. Stamped vs. stenciled.
Describe the defect being repaired. Example: Dent, gouge, corrosion (interior/exterior), or leaking pipeline component (coupling, valve, flanges, etc.).
Other than standard lengths, determine length to be repaired.
Standard pressure ratings calculated at 80% JF listed in tables for classes 1-4. 100% JF special request. Pressure recalculated classes 1-4.
(Vent is standard vs. without vent, which is a special request.)
If desired, provide material specs.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx xls xlsx.